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Camping in the Rain: Every Tip, Trick and Hack You Need To Know

By on 26 juillet 2017 in Camping

If you’re not prepared for it, rain can absolutely ruin an otherwise amazing camping trip. Wet gear, water in your tent, fires that won’t light and more will leave you with a cold desire to go home and never come back.

On the flip side though, if you are properly prepared, camping in the rain can range from a mild interruption to actually being enjoyable and even a welcome challenge.

The Complete Guide to Camping in Olympic National Park

By on 26 juillet 2017 in Camping

Olympic National Park

Camping in Olympic National Park is one of the best ways to explore this absolutely incredibly yet often overlooked outdoor wonderland.

Spanning 141,000 square miles, the park contains three distinct ecosystems: temperate forest, glaciated mountains, and rugged coastline.

All three ecosystems provide countless opportunities for exploring (including countless miles of hiking and backpacking trails) and appreciating the diversity of the plant and animal life.

Here is our ultimate visitors guide to help you plan your Olympic National Park camping trip.

Backpacking with Dogs: Your Ultimate How-To Guide

By on 26 juillet 2017 in Camping

Backpacking with dogs is the best – but it’s a lot different than backpacking with a human friend.

Not only is planning and preparation more complicated, but your time on the trail comes with much more responsibility. You must make sure your dog is properly outfitted, has plenty of food and water, and stays safe on the trail.

Our ultimate guide to backpacking with dogs covers everything you need to know for a safe and fun outdoor trip with your favorite four-legged friend.

What to Bring

Let’s start with gear and equipment. What do you need to pack for a smooth backpacking trip with dogs?

Tarp or Rainfly

Hammock camping in winter…I know it sounds like a crazy idea.

Yet, with the right equipment, adequate preparation, and knowing how to properly set up camp, it’s actually a whole lot of fun.

The key is, of course, staying warm and dry. Select the proper place to pitch your hammock, create a wind and rain/snow block, and then add insulation to accomplish just that.

Buy a tarp or rainfly designed for your specific model of camping hammock if one is available.

Selecting a tarp/rainfly that’s made for your hammock ensures a tight fit to keep out rain, snow, and wind as well as to retain the most heat.

Hammock Camping in Winter (Yes, It Can Be Done!)