About Us

Trusted by Elite Sports Goods  and Camping & Education Foundation.

2017 - The Foundation

Bcentro founded by friends of Scouting in 2017 who share a common goal . Now the dreams become a reality.

2018 - Best Eu Camping Planner

In 2018 Bcentro planning camping trips with a few friends to get out and enjoy the season. Decide on the Ideal Campsite , plan our Meals, decide on activities beforhand.

2019 - Best Partners for Camping

Bcentro share their TOP Tips For first Time Campers.If you have never enjoyed a night under canvas, then you are missing out on a wonderful experience. The freedom of sleeping outdoors is something that simply can’t be beaten, and it’s a great activity for families, friends, or even solo adventurers.


Bcentro Shop is a specializing in the retail and wholesale of the latest, never-seen-before, camping, sports equipement.